Artistic Expression

You have the talent to produce works of art in various media. You can produce saleable works of two- or three dimensional art, and understand something of the technical aspects of paintings and sketches. You are able to sketch a reasonably accurate rendition of a place or person.

• Novice: Your work is simple, seen as charmingly naive by some and as amateurish by others.

•• Practiced: Your work could win prizes at local art society shows.

••• Competent: You could get a showing in a minor gallery.

•••• Expert: Your work is widely admired, and galleries contact you about mounting exhibitions. You are invited to teach at local art colleges.

••••• Master: You are acknowledged as a driving force in contemporary art. Your work commands enormous prices, and is found in art museums as well as commercial galleries and private collections.

Specialties: Oils, Watercolors, Mixed Media, Charcoal, Sketching, Caricature, Lighting Artist, Impressionist, Photo-Realism, Abstract, Miniatures, Stone, Resin, Wood, Metals, Classical, Kinetic, Models, Decoration, Tattoos

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