The Beast resides within all creatures, from lice-ridden rats to powerful Vampire elders. The Discipline of Animalism allows the vampire to develop a close, intense connection with his primordial nature. He not only communicates empathically with the lower animals, but also projects his own force of will upon them, directing the animals to do his bidding. Additionally, as the vampire grows in power, he can use Animalism to control the Beast within mortals and even other supernaturals.

Primary Discipline Flaw: The vampire succumbs to frenzy with greater ease than others, suffering -2 dice when rolling to resist.

• Feral Whispers

The vampire creates an empathic connection with an animal, thereby allowing him to communicate or issue simple commands. Unlike the discipline Dominate, Feral Whispers provides no guarantees that an animal will want to deal with the vampire, nor does it ensure that the animal will pursue any requests the vampire makes of it.

Cost: One blood point.

Dice Pool: Charisma + Animal Ken.

Action: Immediate.

Roll Results

Botch: The vampire is unable to create any connection with the animal and cannot attempt Feral Whispers on the same breed of animal for the remainder of the scene. The blood point spent is lost.

Failure: The vampire is unable to create any connection with the animal and must wait until her next turn to attempt Feral Whispers again. The blood point spent is lost.

Success: The vampire may successfully communicate with the animal. The vampire may issue one command or direction per success rolled.


The vampire locks eyes with the animal, transmitting his desires through sheer force of will. Although it isn't necessary to actually "speak" in chirps, hisses or barks, some vampires find that doing so helps strengthen the connection with the creature. Eye contact must be maintained the entire time; if it's broken, the vampire must look into the animal's eyes once again to regain contact.

Since Feral Whispers requires eye contact, animals that cannot see are not affected. Furthermore, the simpler the creature, the more difficult it becomes to connect with the animal's Beast. Mammals, predatory birds and larger reptiles are relatively easy to communicate with. Insects, invertebrates and most fish (with the possible exception of larger ones like sharks) are just too simple, their Beasts too weak, to connect with.

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