Aliases: None
Birth: 02.09.2053
Type: Garou
Breed: Homid
Height: 1.52m (5'11")
Weight: 70.37k (155lbs)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Current Status: Active
Played by Nikki

Tattoos as follows: Right arm/shoulder: Spiderwebs with single web dropping down to allow black widow spider to dangle down onto bicep in black and white. Inside of upper bicep contains a bright orange and black colored koi amidst a blue funnel of ocean, upon close inspection (if she allows you that close to her) there are intricate Japanese symbols along the side of the koi. On the outside of the same bicep are three extended musical notes with five musical scales weaving in and out of it with a ying yang in the center done in black and white. Inside forearm contains a fully colored fairy on a bed of red and black roses, the wings extend up into razor sharp tips causing the roses to bleed. The outside forearm has the skeleton of a dragonfly in black and white laced with Celtic writing.


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