Air Gifts

This path, quite naturally, is taught by an Air Elemental.

• Create Air

The shifter can create a small amount of Air simply by summoning it into existence.

Cost: One essence point.

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult.

Action: Immediate.

Roll Results

Botch: The shifter expels the air from her own lungs in a painful rush, causing one point of lethal damage. The shifter cannot attempt this gift again for a number of hours equal to the botch level. Ie. -1 botch, 1 hour, -2 botch, 2 hours, etc. All essence spent is lost.

Failure: The shifter fails to summon any air into existence. All essence spent is lost.

Success: The air summoned will last until it is used, lasting one turn per success, divided by the number of characters breathing it. If this lowers it to less than 1, ie. 5 characters attempting to breathe in two successes worth, the air lasts only one turn.

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