Casting Rotes

A character must know a rote in order to cast it. They gain 1 free rote per level in a Sphere. Additional rotes may be learnt at an experience point cost equal to the level being learnt. I.e level 2, 2 experience points per additional rote; level 5, 5 experience points per additional rote.

To cast a rote.

Dice Pool: Arete.

Roll Results

Botch: All accumulated paradox affects the character. In simple terms this does 1 aggravated damage per point of paradox. Instead of damage, some equally bad effect may occur. Any dox hit over 7 should effectively remove the Adept from play until there is some form of intervention.

Failure: The rote fails, the Adept remains unharmed.

Success: The Adept successfully utilises the rote attempted, and gains paradox equal to the highest Sphere level used in doing so.

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