Adept Lore

This knowledge can't be taken at character creation without Storyteller approval. You are familiar with the lore of magic and witchcraft. You know of the ancient orders of wizards: their cabals, covenants, and secret rituals. More importantly, you also know about their modern counterparts. Unlike the Occult knowledge, most of what you believe about your subject is actually true (though certainly not all).

• Novice: Your knowledge is largely speculation and hearsay.

•• Practiced: You know some relevant facts.

••• Competent: You possess basic knowledge of the mystic ways.

•••• Expert: You possess expansive knowledge.

••••• Master: You understand the theory of magic.

Specialties: Rituals, Wicca, Astrology, Order of Hermes, Kabbalah, Mystic Traditions.

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