Any actor alive knows how important it is to fool people, fake emotions or masquerade as someone else. This talent reflects your ability to do all those things and more. You can invent a personality, memorize dialogue or divert someone's suspicions with improvisation. While Manipulation usually works best with this Ability, Charisma (an overwhelming personality) or Appearance (seductive good looks) may be more effective than simple deviousness. The play's the thing, so play with whatever tools work best.

• Novice: Pamela Anderson Lee.

•• Practiced: Sarah Michelle Cellar.

••• Competent: Meryl Streep.

•••• Expert: Jennifer Jason Leigh.

••••• Master: Human chameleon.

Specialties: Impersonation, Performance, Faked Emotions, TV, Stage, Improvisation, Comedy, Misdirection, Seduction

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