Welcome to the World of Darkness

A role playing game based on the ever popular White Wolf books. Please keep in mind that any resemblance to anyone in real life is merely a coincidence. If you think you are a real vampire or a real werewolf, this is not the channel for you.

Step into a world where vampires and shifters are more then bedtime stories, a world where creatures lurk within the shadows. Set far into the future the world has undergone massive changes. Entire continents have shifted and life is found in small pockets of villages, save for the unusual presence of a large city here or there.

Close your eyes and picture the silent, shimmering sands of the desert, so hot that the heat bends the light and only creatures that burrow into the ground can survive. Step a little further and imagine the rich color of a rain forest, foliage growing from within what remains of cities of a war long past, the soft noises of the animals that protest your intrusion. With a sense of urgency you can turn right and feel the ground tremble under your feet as the earth shifts once more and you find yourself staring off a cliff into the ocean where the salty air tickles your nose. Now, open your eyes, no, not the ones you see with, but the ones that you have held tightly shut, yes, those, and realize that this is your life.

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